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Hello fellow Reefers and welcome to our page!


We would like to thank everyone who continues to check our page for a future date of a swap. Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, we are currently keeping a close eye on our region and other around us. That being said we are considering hosting another show. This show will be similar to the previous. We certainly look forward seeing everyone again, however we are trying to plan this event to be able to accommodate the state/local requirements for events. Please keep check on the site for a future date. We may possibly schedule for this year, however if availability is unavailable we will have to shoot for next.

Ok, guys. Keep those tanks happy and we will see you again soon. As always Happy Reefing guys!


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We are a small community of fellow reefers that enjoy the hobby as much as all of you. We strive to bring you the best and hottest new corals available. These events are posted in advance and planned to accommodate the beginner to the most experienced hobbyist

This event is currently under construction, check back soon for more on your next reefing adventure.   



Location, Lodging, & Admission

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If your are traveling from afar to attend our event, and would like to stay at the hotel, we encourage you to call to reserve rooms in advance to ensure availability. For your convenience we have made it easy to do so by clicking the picture above.  

Admission will be $5 please click the EVENT TICKETS link at the top to get yours now! Raffle tickets are also for sale to the event and will be $10 per sheet. 
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   Vendors List  

Sponsors & Donors

Check back were under construction

Check back were under construction

We will be back soon with a lineup

We will be back soon with a lineup


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