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A Few Shout Outs are in Order

Well, we like to make our vendors and supporters known for there generosity, and the hard work they do! A few shout outs are in order to do this. We would like to thank everyone for there hard work and the great specimens they have been cooking up over the years, to not only help keep our wonderful big blue, safe and healthy, but also to the great care and quality of there animal care. That being said, we would like to post a few names that we have at the moment for everything that they have done, are doing, and continue to do in the future, Spikes Corals, Rick's Corals & Aquatics, Fraggin' Wagon Corals, Coral Reef Connection, Sea Oddities, and to all the rest that are out there doing great work to help our hobby! To you we give great thanks, for everything that you do!

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